Health Insurance

Most people get their health insurance through their job. Market study shows that each year more people are choosing to shop in the private market for individual health insurance. For some individuals and families, there are some key advantages to individual health insurance over employer health coverage — such as affordability, portability and customization. Whether you’re a single individual, you have a family, you’re self-employed, you’re a student or you’re just looking for the best health insurance plan for your needs, you might want to consider an individual health insurance policy.

Accident Insurance

Provide your employees access to Aflac accident insurance that pays cash benefits to help provide peace of mind during the different stages of accident care and recovery. Benefits can be used to help pay for emergency treatment, as well as for treatment‐related transportation and lodging.

Cancer Insurance

Aflac cancer insurance is here to help your employees’ better cope financially—and emotionally—if a positive diagnosis of cancer ever occurs. That way, you can help your employees focus on more important things in life–like getting better.

Critical Illness Insurance

Our critical illness insurance can help with the treatment costs of a serious health event, so employees can focus on more important things in life–like getting better.

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